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The common fall opt-out period runs from Tuesday, September 17th to Monday, September 30th at participating locations. Details below.

You can opt-out at the location of an individual fee levy group during their advertised office hours from or, when applicable, by contacting the organization during the opt-out weeks to make an appointment. The specifics for each fee levy group participating in this common opt-out period are provided below. You can opt-out of the fees of an individual fee levy group with your student ID card and student account record (you can show your up-to-date number of credits on your account via your laptop or mobile device; by using a computer on-site at the fee levy group; or, if you wish, by print out).

There will also be common opt-out events on the following days:

When: Monday, September 23rd 11am-1pm
Where: 7th Floor Lounge, Hall Building

When: Thursday, September 26th 11am-1pm
Where: Loyola Hive

*If getting to fee-levy groups offices or the common opt-out events is inaccessible to you due to disability, and you are registered with Concordia’s Access Centre please contact individual groups by phone or email to make special arrangements for fee reimbursements.

While all of the fee levy groups are working to ensure that students wishing to opt-out may do so, fee levy group staff and volunteers will not tolerate disrespectful treatment from students who are opting out. This includes, but is not limited to, racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and classist comments and/or actions.

You can find more information below about opt-outs for the following groups:

Art Matters * Canadian Refugee Initiative (The Refugee Centre) * Centre for Gender Advocacy * Cinema Politica * CJLO 1690AM  * Community University Television (CUTV) * Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore * Concordia Food Coalition (CFC) * Concordia Greenhouse * CEED Concordia * CURE Concordia * Frigo Vert * People’s Potato * Quebec Public Interest Research Group  (QPIRG)  * Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) * Sustainable Concordia.


* Art Matters

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.08$/credit
(0.30$/credit for Fine Arts students)

Opt-out by appointment during the common opt-out period.

Contact information: / 514-848-2424 x5011

* Canadian Refugee Initiative (The Refugee Centre)

Undergraduate Fee Levy: $0.37/credit

Opt-out by appointment during the common opt-out period.

Contact information:

* Centre for Gender Advocacy

Undergraduate Fee Levy: $0.37/credit
Graduate Fee Levy: $0.50/semester

Opt-out Monday to Thursday from 10am – 5pm during the common opt-out period at 2110 Mackay (ground floor).

**Please note that after 12pm on Tuesday, May 21st, QPIRG Concordia will be handling the Centre for Gender Advocacy’s opt-outs at 2100 Guy Street, suite #205.

Contact Information: 514-848-2424 x7431 or

* Cinema Politica Concordia

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.07$/credit
Graduate Fee Levy: 1.00$/semester

Opt-out Thursday May 16th from 3:00pm to 6:30pm, and Friday May 17th from 9:00am to 10:30am or by appointment during the common opt-out period.

Contact information:


Undergraduate fee levy: 0.34$/credit

Opt-out by appointment only during the common opt-out period at CC-430 (Loyola Campus).

Contact information: / (514) 848-8663

* Community University Television (CUTV)

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.34$/credit

Opt-out in person at 2110 Mackay by appointment.

Contact information:

* Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.09$/credit
Graduate Fee Levy: 0.50$/semester

Opt-out in person at 2150 Bishop Street Monday to Friday, between 10am and 6pm.

* Concordia Food Coalition

Undergraduate fee-levy: $0.16/credit

Opt-out by appointment during the common opt-out period.

Contact Information:

* Concordia Greenhouse

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.24$/credit

Opt-out by appointment during the  common opt-out period.

Contact Information:

* CEED Concordia

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.35$/credit

Opt-out in person at our office 2110 Mackay Street room 210 (2nd floor) from 12pm-3pm on Mon, Wed, Friday, and from 12pm-4pm on Tues, Thurs through out the common opt-out period.  Or contact us to make an appointment during morning hours.

Contact information: 514-848-2424 x 7876

* CURE Concordia

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.08$/credit

Opt-out by appointment during the common opt-out period.

Contact information:

* Le Frigo Vert

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.33$/credit
Graduate Fee Levy: 1.50$/term

Opt-out in person at 1440 Mackay during the following dates & times:

information will be updated shortly

contact information:

* People’s Potato

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.40$/credit
Graduate Fee Levy: 2.00$/semester

Opt-out by appointment during the common opt-out period.

Contact Information:

*Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG)

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.39$/credit
Graduate Fee Levy: 0.50$/semester

Opt-out in person during the common opt-out period at 2100 Guy Street, suite #205,  from Monday to Thursday at 12pm-6pm

* Sustainability Action Fund

Undergraduate fee levy: 0.25$/credit
Graduate fee levy: 1,25$/semester

Opt-out by appointment at 2090 Mackay, room 204-1 (2nd floor) during the common opt-out period.
Drop-in hours Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 12 pm.

contact information:

* Sustainable Concordia

Undergraduate Fee Levy: 0.15$/credit
Graduate Fee Levy: 0.50$/semester

Opt-out  at 2090 Mackay Street room 204-1 (2nd floor) Wednesdays 11am – 1pm and Thursdays 2pm – 4pm throughout the common opt-out period.
by appointment;

contact information:


What do fee levy groups do?

Together, fee levy groups provide students and the community with diverse resources, services and campaigns, including:
•           ecological and sustainable development campaigns and projects;
•           an international development volunteer program;
•           a gender advocacy center;
•           a fine arts festival;
•           a political cinema series;
•           independent student media (television, radio and print);
•           a natural food co-op;
•           a vegan soup kitchen;
•           a social and environmental justice center;
•           a co-operative bookstore.

In practice, the work of fee levy groups takes many forms, such as:

– fostering a safe environment for LGBTQ students;
– promoting safer, healthier, and more affordable food options on campus;
– providing access to affordable textbooks;
– directly financing students working on projects to improve the environmental and social sustainability of Concordia;
– writing and broadcasting stories concerning events, activities, and student government at our school;
and much more!

In addition to these core mandates, all fee levy groups provide many other tangible benefits to students, such as:

– meaningful volunteer and internship opportunities;
– meaningful job opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students;
– mentorship from people with experience in diverse fields;
– skills in running non-profit organizations by participation in assemblies or board of directors.

How are fee levy groups accountable to students?

Our membership base is students who decide the direction and core mandates of our organizations. If a group currently collects fee levies, it is because the undergraduate student body at large had previously decided to confer that status.

Importantly, fee levy groups are legally incorporated, have a constitution, hold Annual General Meetings, publish annual reports and have externally reviewed financial statements. Key documents and information are posted on the websites of fee levy groups, for easy access by members and students.

Along with an ongoing public presence on campus (through services, events, campaigns, projects and more), fee levy groups maintain transparency and accountability to their members. As fee levy groups, we may be comparatively bigger or smaller, but we each work hard to the best of our capacities to provide tangible benefits to the Concordia community. We are by and for Concordia students and community.

The idea of community

Concordia University, like any diverse, multifold community, is made up of many different parts, all of which are valuable. The entire Concordia community benefits from having vibrant, engaged, and accountable organizations on campus.

Not everyone will access every fee levy group during their time at Concordia; in the same way, not every student will go to a CSU meeting or a Stingers game. But these services and initiatives are made possible by all students, and they are therefore always available to all students. One of the strengths the Concordia community is that we support projects and initiatives because many students can benefit from them, not necessarily all of them. The principle of sustainable community is that even though I might not directly benefit from something, it’s still worthwhile to support because it strengthens my community, and by doing so makes all of us better.