Concordia Community

Concordia Community Loves Concordia Students: Exciting student opportunities with many groups, all build by Concordia students, for Concordia students.


Shop and save on healthy, waste-free organic foods and natural health products at the Frigo Vert!

Tune into local musicians and communities they love while developing broadcasting skills with CJLO Radio!

Save tons of money on the books they need for class (or want for fun!) at the Co-op Bookstore!

Create the media project of their dreams with access to all the supports and equipment they need from CUTV!

Participate in structured and supportive research projects that make a real difference to communities with CURE!

Get a healthy, delicious lunch every day of the week for FREE at the People’s Potato!

And much more with…

Art Matters
Canadian Refugee Initiative (The Refugee Centre)
Centre for Gender Advocacy
Cinema Politica
Concordia Food Coalition
Concordia Greenhouse
Community Empowerment Engagement Development (CEED) 
The Quebec Public-Interest Research Group (QPIRG)
Queer Concordia
Sustainability Action Fund
Sustainable Concordia